Find the right bicycle size for your child

It can be terribly difficult to find the right bicycle for your child. I have personally dealt with many times. Having been in doubt about what to choose, when to switch to a larger inch size and so on. But that is actually not that difficult if you just follow the recommendations below:

small red children bicycle in HKMarket

The very first bicycle

It is a great feeling when our child must have its very first bicycle. It is a very special thing and the feeling inside the child radiates self-esteem and development. A milestone I would call it.

Keep it very simple when the first bicycle must be purchased. Drop all the extra accessories and bling, as more gears, ring bell and so on. it will be hard enough for them to concentrate on maintaining the balance initially. I would recommend a light weight bicycle that it’s easy to manage for the child.

Find the right bike size

2.5 to 4 year, recommended 12 “bikes

3.5 to 6 year, recommended 16 “bikes

5-7 year, recommended 18 “bikes

6-8 year recommended 20 “bikes

7-10 year, recommended 24 “bikes

9-14 year, recommended 26 “bikes

But remember! If your child is higher or lower than the average, you should ensure to get a larger or a smaller bike than the recommended above. Bring your child out with you and let it try the bicycle before you buy it. If you Buy a second hand bike at ask how old the child was when he/she used the bike.

small blue balance bike hkmarket

The 1-2,5 year old can also bike

Before the kids are so big that they can jump on a real bicycle, you can easy prepare them on a balance bike. it’s is very important that they train the sense of balance, making the switch from the first bike to a real bike much more easier. Sometimes resulting in cases where you will avoid completely the use of training wheels

A good general rule is that child would be able to reach the ground, with almost flat feet when sitting on the seat. This provides much needed security for the child to have control over the bicycle if balance fails. As the child grow it might be enough with just one foot.

bike success

Teach your child to ride a bike with success

Do not pressure your child

Cycling should be a good and safe experience. It’s a fun social experience between the child and the parent

If your child shows signs that he / she don’t like it, have a break for a moment and the start up gently again.

Remember helmet and protective gear, so it does not hurt so much when they fall.

Price the child for all the small victories along the way

Help the child get started after each stop, as the start part is what they learn last.

Choose a flat surface or grass at the beginning when there is high chance for the child falling.