About Us

Mission & Vision Statement of HKmarket.hk

With our users in mind we developed a platform to post online ads in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2016 and with headquarters in Kowloon, Hong Kong. HKmarket.hk expect to leave a memorable footprint in the future of online trading and e-commerce

HKmarket.hk is still early stage but ready to show itself to the world. We will reflect who we are; dynamic, flexible and furthermore ready to adapt the spirit of Hong Kong.

We will continuously keep adding extraordinary content to HKmarket.hk  to improve your user experience when using our online advertisement platform.

Our Mission

To provide the best solution for posting online advertisement for Hong Kong

Our aim is first of all to connect the people, Buyers and Sellers in Hong Kong. No matter where you are originally from, local or expat, we will be there for you. Your first car? the first house? The first affordable dream, we will be here for you. We aim to be no. 1 online classified platform in Hong Kong. The main reason for that, is most of all because we care about you. We want to bring you closer to your dreams by providing you our services.

Our Vision

Hkmarket.hk is a web platform committed to making positive differences for our members and the people in Hong Kong. We wants to be the platform people choose first, use the most and grow with, for trading and sharing.

On behalf of the HKmarket team we welcome you to our community