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Safe trade:

Most locals ads are posted by honest people and are safe to use. Yet professional scammers are becoming more widespread in the world wide web. With convincing tactics, customers need to protect themselves.

Staying safe with us

Its easier to stay safe if you pay attention to the warning signs

By following our guide lines, your chances for being scammed will be minimized.

On our safety guideline you will be able to find tips how to communicate when buying, selling and the payment methods.

In HKMarket Anti fraud-team

Our dedicated team is working to keep you safe. However its crucial you as user are crucial to help us take down bad fraud Users in HKMarket. If you see a suspicious AD, you should report it to us by clicking “report ad”  inside the ad or the user.

Reporting an ad

We offer the user at HKMarket an easy way to report the suspicious ads.

Report suspicious activity is using the report bottom inside each ad, the bottom can be found on the top of the user details or visiting his profile. On the marketplace on Facebook, the “report” function can be found at the bottom of the comments field.

Report ads that seem like fraud, spam, or engaging in other illegal activities, such as discrimination or trademark violation.

The process for the reported ad will be handles by our team, and the user will be removed if found in violation of out terms of use.

Follow these guide lines to avoid scammer,

Be aware that scammers can be very convincing and you should always be Precautions when buying from people you havnet meet in person.

Be extra cautious when people find excuse to meet for item exchange, specially when they pressure you to take decisions fast, regarding buying an item you have not seen.

the payment method is very important, and you should be aware of the pros and cons when accepting, cash,checks, online transfer.

Never accept extra payment for complicated excuses

popular scams

Scams can occur in every category, if a deal sound too good, it probably is

Read about the most common scams on each category, and learn how to avoid them.

Community feedback about scams in HKMarket is very important to us. when you see a scam or suspicious activity find click on the report button

here you will find the steps how to find it

HKMarket works together with Paypal to secure all online transactions. Offering our customers a safe and secure way to do interact with us